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60 years of our company`s history

Horizontal MikroskopSchneider Sen.

Developments in science, optics, gemmology and precision engineering of our family enterprise caused quite a stir.  High-precision optical instruments and other scientific products have been shipped worldwide.

At the beginning the SCHNEIDER–factory built machines and prototypes for gemstone cutters and the optical industry. Based on the first machine, a drilling machine, our company developed installations, equipment and devices for the gemstone industry.

The history of gemmological instruments started in 1949 when my father, Hans Günter Schneider, in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Schlossmacher,  built the first gemmological microscope an so laid the foundation for gemstone diagnostics. The first handmade horizontal microscopes of our company were produced. All later generations of gemmological microscopes were built according to this model. Nowadays the traditional  precision engineering is perfectly combined with innovative electronic technology.

After the first  gemmological microscope had been constructed, our company invested all its power in developing and building completely new gemmological instruments. From 1959 on the manufacturing program was expanded and polariscopes, spectroscopes and refractometer were produced. Synthetic stones ameliorated and posed the challenge to distinguish those from genuine gemstones. Permanent development  and quality intensification was necessary. Nowadays we are one of the best manufacturers of gemmological instruments around the world with greatest know-how and best reputations. You will find SCHNEIDER products in all prime laboratories, university’s and schools.

In 1967 the first  in-house stereo-microscopes were built.. From this followed in 1972 the cooperation with Carl Zeiss, Oberkochen, our partner for high-quality optical equipment.  A precondition for this co-operation was our high standard of quality.

In 1986 construction and production were computerized,  to maintain our quality also in the future. Basically all instruments produced in our company are made of metal, a material which bears up under heavy duty in all climates. Due to of the high quality of our products we issue a 10-years-guarantee for all SCHNEIDER in-house products.

As we attach great importance not only on the quality of our products but also on the professional advice, our customers are attended by  gemstone- and diamond-experts.

Schneider Gemmologische Geräte in Deutschland
Gewerbliche Schule Aachen Germany
Institut für Mineralogie FU Berlin Berlin Germany
Technische Universität Berlin Berlin Germany
Staatliche Hochschule Berlin Berlin Germany
Städtische Berufsschule Bielefeld Germany
Mineralogisches Institut Uni Bonn Bonn Germany
Institut für Mineralogie TU Clausthal Zellerfeld Clausthal Zellerfeld Germany
Gewerbliche Schule Dortmund Dortmund Germany
Handwerkskammer Erfurt Erfurt Germany
Gold- und Silberschmiedeinnung Frankfurt Germany
Naturhistorisches Museum Freiburg Freiburg Germany
Mineralogisches Institut Uni Giessen Giessen Germany
Mineralogisches Institut Uni Göttingen Göttingen Germany
Staatliche Gewerbeschule Hamburg Germany
Staatliche Zeichenakademie Hanau Germany
Bundesanstalt für Bodenforschung Hannover Germany
Handwerkskammer Hannover Hannover Germany
Mineralogisches Institut Uni Heidelberg Heidelberg Germany
Fachhochschule Hildesheim Hildesheim Germany
Deutsche gemmologische Gesellschaft Idar – Oberstein Germany
Deutsche Stiftung Edelsteinforschung Idar – Oberstein Germany
Edelsteinprüfstelle Idar – Oberstein Germany
Diamant Prüflabor Idar – Oberstein Germany
DEGEB Idar – Oberstein Germany
Gewerbliche Berufsschule Idar – Oberstein Germany
Forschungsinstitut f. Edelstein u. Edelmetalle Idar – Oberstein Germany
Universität Kaiserslautern Kaiserslautern Germany
Gewerbliche Berufsschule Kassel Kassel Germany
Mineralogisches Institut Uni Karlsruhe Karlsruhe Germany
Berufsschule Kiel Kiel Germany
Universität Köln Köln Germany
Förderungswerk Königstein Königstein Germany
Mineralogisches Institut Uni Mainz Mainz Germany
Institut für Edelsteinforschung Uni Mainz Mainz Germany
Berufsschule München München Germany
Städtische Gewerbeschule München Germany
Goldschmiede- und Uhrmacherschule Pforzheim Germany
Deutsches Diamantinstitut Pforzheim Germany
Fachhochschule Pforzheim Germany
Mineralogisches Institut Uni Saarbrücken Saarbrücken Germany
Gewerbliche Berufsschule Saarbrücken Saarbrücken Germany
Gewerbliche Berufsschule Schwäbisch- Gmünd Schwäbisch Gmünd Germany
Universität Tübingen Tübingen Germany
Bundeskriminalamt Wiesbaden Germany
Mineralogisches Institut Uni Würzburg Würzburg Germany
Handwerkskammer Unterfranken Würzburg Germany
Schneider Gemmologische Geräte weltweit
Österreichische gemmologische Gesellschaft Austria
Dorotheum Wien Austria
Landesberufsschule Innsbruck Austria
Universität Salzburg Austria
Berufsschule Stadt Wien Austria
WIFI Austria
Vrije Universität Brüssel Belgium
Hoge Raad voor Diamant Antwerpen Belgium
IGI Antwerpen Belgium
Universidade de Brasilia Brasilia
Universidade Federal do Ouro Preto Brasilia
University of Parana Brasilia
University of Bahia Brasilia
Ibragem Brasilia
University of Brasilia Brasilia
CETEM Brasilia
Mineralogisches Institut Belgrad Croatia
Gem Reserch Institute Colombo Columbia
Geologisches Institut Universität Budapest Hungaria
Instituto Gemmologica Italiano Italy
Namibia Small Miners Assistance Namibia
Burgermaster Atenschool Schonhoven Netherland
Maas Geesteranusschool Amsterdam Netherland
Huygensschool Amsterdam Netherland
Geologisches Institut Universität Kiew Russia
Mineralogisches Institut Universität Moskau Russia
Schwedische Gemmologische Gesellschaft Sweden
Kunstgewerbeschule Zürich Switzerland
Labor Gübelin Switzerland
G.R.L. Switzerland
Paul Scherrer Institut Switzerland
University of Moratuwa Lanka
University of Darresalam Tanzania
Chiang Mai University Thailand
International Gemmological Institute N.Y. USA
Colorado Mining Corporation USA
Gemmologische Gesellschaft Belgrad Yugoslavia
University Krakowa Poland
Alma Ata Mongolia
Rep. Whangamomona New Zealand
I.G.I Mumbay
I.G.I Hongkong
I.G.I Dubai
I.G.I Ramat Gan

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